About Me

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I have always had a sweet tooth and I have always loved being creative. One of my earliest memories is heading straight for the 'glueing' table at pre school every day, and creating masterpieces from cereal boxes, tissue paper and milk bottle tops!

This continued into my college days, where I specialised in Art, Textiles and Theatre Design, and I went on to study Period Costume and Costume Interpretation at Wimbledon School of Art. Even now, my favourite cake decorating tool is my stitch wheel!

After settling down I worked for the Post Office for several years, where I met some fantastic people, including my husband, but I longed for a creative outlet. It was through having my baby boy, and his up and coming first birthday, that I randomly picked up a supermarket magazine, which caught my eye because of the gorgeous 'Peggy Porschen' cupcakes adorning the front cover. It was like a switch had been turned on, and my head began to dance with yummy cupcake flavours and pretty decorations, and so my first batch of cupcakes was born! Finally - two of my favourite things combined - cake and creativity!

Gradually my confidence (and my addiction!) with cake decorating grew, and after my daughter was born two years later I moved on to creating bigger, children's cakes, practising on my family and friends, and all the while eager to learn more.

I attended several cake decorating courses, including three at 'Pretty Witty Cakes' in Crowborough, East Sussex, and I achieved my ' PME Masters Certificate' in Sugar Flowers, Sugar Paste and Royal Icing at 'Cake Design' in Charlwood, Surrey. Also, I have a huge addiction to cake decorating books and magazines and a vast amount of my knowledge and skills has come from these.

I have a level 2 certificate in 'Food Safety for Catering' and my kitchen is registered with my local council. I am proud to have been awarded a 5 star food hygiene rating. I also have both 'Product Liability' and 'Public Liability' insurance.

So, why 'Red Robin Cakes' I hear you ask? Well, my need for perfection and intricate detail has been passed on to me by my beautiful late grandmother, Ivy. Despite her poorly arthritic hands she took great pride in her cakes and her dressmaking and would spend hours meticulously royal icing our family Christmas cakes whilst I watched from the side. She gave us some great birthday cakes too! And if it wasn't perfect, she would re-do it! When her ashes were scattered on a crisp winter's day, a little Robin hopped through them, and so now when I see a Robin in my garden, I am reminded of my lovely Nan and all her amazing skills.

I would like to thank my amazing husband and brilliant family and friends for supporting the creation of 'Red Robin Cakes'. Without all you guys, it would not have been possible. You're the best!